Unique Friendships

This entry is dedicated to people who experienced friendships with people of different social hierarchy in school.

I recall being in a somewhat popular group back when I was eleven years old. And at this point of my life, I find it unbelievable. Like how the heck did I end up there? Well, I knew I was really close with the group’s leader. Well, no one established who the leader was but I’m sure everyone in that group could tell who had the most authority there. Most people in my year dislike her but I simply admire some characteristics she displayed consistently throughout the years. For starters, I was this shy kid, afraid to speak my mind, afraid to voice out my thoughts and to be honest, I was a good girl. I did all my homework, studied for tests and try my best to stay out of any trouble and teachers. She on the other hand was a bold, headstrong, rebellious and daring sort of person. She may be considered rude for talking back to teachers but I wish I had that guts. And to think about it longer, maybe that’s why we became close friends so quickly. We balance out each other. Just like yin and yang.

But then, when I was twelve, I have to admit that we fell apart and patch ourselves back together a few times in a year but when we both started our teenage life in secondary school where we were placed in different classes, our friendship faded and we went on our own path. She continued with her popularity path with a few other girls and boys. Yeah, she was really popular. Everyone knew her. Her name drifted through rumours, as well as the staff room.

In my experience, being in the popular group isn’t that bad as it seems. Movies always portray the popular kids as mean, cunning and vile. But to be honest, the popular kids I knew were actually nice people who cared about each other and are only mean to people when they believe that they have crossed the line. They actually helped me evolved into a daring and braver person, one able to speak louder and get my opinions out and do new things I would have never done.

And also, the popular kids do have feelings okay. It’s just everyone assume that they don’t give a damn about anything. That girl I knew, cried when she got heartbroken. She tore up her diary about him. So let’s not judge people just for where they stand in the school hierarchy.

Moving on, I’ve hung out with the normal kids. They are not popular but still people know them. They’re the hard working kids that don’t get into trouble like the populars. They’re prefects, scouts leaders, active debate members, competitiors in school and state competitions, red crescent leaders, class monitors, camp organizers, yearly prize recipients, and favourite students of some teachers. I can’t say I’m any bit like them.

I may be hard working, but I don’t get involved as much as they do and I’m not any teacher’s favourite. I hate talking to teachers. I prefer staying out of their way and when I don’t understand a topic, I’ll try to learn it at home by myself. I envy the fact that these people make everything look so easy, including all the huge responsibility they carry out from writing reports of school clubs to organizing things. I will normally be very weary about the burden I carry so I make sure I don’t handle too many things at once.

But there are some things I have learnt from them that resembles a little from the populars. They too, care about one another. They help each other out in studies by quizzing each other during breaks before a mini tests and even plan out birthday celebrations at school. Sadly, I never had a birthday celebration organized by any friends at school, even though my birthday is near the end of school. I do receive gifts but only one or two remembers. But, it’s okay, and I’m okay. (It has been a dream of mine to be surprised by friends at school but I guess this surprise birthday celebration at school isn’t for everyone.)

I’ve also hung out with people who would be branded by the word “geek” by others but they are not geeks. They are just extremely hard working, disciplined and obedient. I totally need a part of them to get up early everyday and do something productive. Hanging out with them was eye opening. Some of them actually have reasons to why they do what they do. One of them, well, let’s call her Rayne. She studies really hard because her older sister had already set a good example in school and hence, the teachers expect her to be the same. It’s tough living up to your siblings name but you don’t want to be the one who gets laughed at.

Now let’s talk about the bad boys. Everyone think that the bad boys are just troublesome people with bad history with teachers and students and basically everything. I have to admit, I really don’t know how I ended up getting close to them. So this guy, let’s call him Jake. I heard about his bad reputation in primary school, but in secondary school, he sat right in front of me. As I got to know him, I now know that rumours are not to be trusted. He may be the bad boy of my age group, but he’s actually a really nice person. We formed a dance crew with a few others, most of them whom are dance lovers. He even bought sunglasses of the same style for all of us but with different colours as each one of us represented a different colour. We did perform once together at school but after that, the group sort of fell apart. But that’s not the point.The point is that this bad boy  made school livable and exciting. He could be turning back to me just to copy my answers at one moment or he could be playing with scissors and eating pieces of paper. I don’t know if he really swallowed pieces of paper down his throat or it was just a trick.

And the last group of people I got close to are the unexpected ones. I call them the unexpected ones because I never thought I would find people who see things the way I do. We see things many people don’t see. Like how everything is just temporary and that we should worry more about the afterlife where we’ll spend the rest of our lives either in heaven or hell or wherever our soul takes us to because the truth of the afterlife is a mystery. I would talk about this unique group more but that will be in another entry.

To sum it all up, I lost a lot of friendships over time. I suppose this is how it goes. Life’s just like that. But thankfully, some of them turn out to be the bestest friends anyone could ever have.

Notable people in my life now that I would like to give a shout out to for understanding my deepest thoughts: Angelyn, Aaron, Matthew, Audrey

Stay amazing! xx


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