The Beauty Within

I’m very sure every girl looks in the mirror one day and be like, “Wow. I am really ugly.”

I don’t blame anyone for having negative thoughts like this about ourselves. I blame those who set the beauty standards. Those who point out who are the pretty ones.

Being pretty doesn’t mean having long, soft, shiny hair and the perfect face to go with it. Being handsome doesn’t mean having great hair, a fit body and the right height. I believe being beautiful means having self confidence and knowing that you are beautiful no matter what because everyone is created uniquely.

School is one of the starting place where we learn how to rate people’s physical appearance. It happens naturally when you were younger but as you grow up, I hope you know better than to judge.

There are always groups of boys and girls commenting on people’s physical beauty. They may give good comments like, “Oh, she has great long legs,” and “He has the perfect body,”. They also tend to give negative comments like, “She’s so ugly. Her friend’s prettier,” and “He’s probably obese,”. Girls are commonly subjected to this mental bullying but nowadays, boys too, can be affected.

Furthermore, let’s not forget about the internal beauty that everyone seems to forget about.

“Kill them with kindness.” – Selena Gomez

Being beautiful also (for me) means being nice, kind, polite, thoughtful and all the other good qualities a person should have. But of course, don’t try to out do yourself to be the perfect figure because everyone makes mistakes once in a while.

I guess there’s nothing more to say about this.

The beauty within is what matters the most.

(Thank you Angelyn for providing me this beautiful picture.)

Stay kind. xx



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