Having Your Me Time

Ever since depression, I kept to myself a lot and had plenty of personal time to myself. People spending time alone may look lonely and all that but that may be partly true. In fact, spending time on your own does not require you to entertain anyone else so you’ll feel at ease. I don’t know if it happens to you but entertaining people takes up a lot of my energy and by the time I get home, I’ll feel mentally exhausted.

(It’s actually funny that I’m typing this at a McDonalds all alone. I’m having my me time.)

Personal time or as I call it, ‘me time’ became an important part of my daily life until now. I’ll either be relaxing or just doing nothing , staring at the ceiling. It sounds like a waste of time but it actually is really nice to get away from the world. Me time can also involve going shopping on your own and treating yourself to something special.

(Having mcDonalds is special no? Jokes. I’ll have a better lunch later since I’m far from home and my mum dumped me at the mall.)

So if you never had a me time in your schedule, or never experienced one, I totally suggest that you take time out on a Friday night, or even on Saturday or Sunday to just do nothing and relax. (I love having me time when it’s Friday or Saturday night; especially when it rains heavy with thunder and lightning!) 

There’s just something special about having your me time. You’ll never know the feeling if you never had one.

Stay chill. xx


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