Push and Pull; Numbers Don’t Matter

Whenever I see someone post a picture and caption it as “Best friends for 9 years and still counting,” I see the fault in everything because the picture shows 2 people who I know don’t hang out much and the word best friend is overrated.

First of all, you don’t refer to someone as your best friend even though you have known someone for a very long time. In fact, numbers have nothing to do with the friendship status between two friends. Unless you both have been best friends for that long then the sentence is legit.

Surely you have known them, seen them for as long as you can remember but does that really mean that they are the ones who truly know and understand you?


Being best friends involve commitments and unreal understanding of each other. There could be differences but it works out and moulds in well like there aren’t any differences. As a person who have gone through the stages of a reality check, I know who the real deals are in my life.

Loyalty makes best friends. Frankly speaking, loyalty is hard work too but best friends are one of the beauty in the world.

I take loyalty a very serious issue. Maybe it’s because of all the backstabbers I have encountered and forgiven eventually. Loyalty to me is like the core of my personality.

Loyalty: Always stick to your squad, your gang, your circle of friends.

The thing is, I have made it into such a big deal that my best friends are one of my highest priority in my list. I’m able to keep secrets told by anyone and I always try my best to free my time for my best friends or do anything for them.

One of my best friends migrated overseas and she misses having the beverage everyone in my country drinks. It comes in a packet filled with smaller sachets. Buying it for her was not a problem, I could afford it. It was shipping fees that killed the mood. It was very costly to send the package to where she is.  But without hesitation, I paid that amount. (Enclosing the amount I paid just in case she ever reads this.)

I even skype with best friends even when I have so many things to do. It’s worth it.

My loyalty may be a little extreme sometimes but I think the world needs more people who are loyal.

Other than that, I feel for my best friends. When they achieve something, I actually do feel proud, when they are sad or mad, I do feel it too. Strange isn’t it?

There is this other thing about best friends. It’s kind of like a push and pull. Calling someone your best friend cannot be a one sided thing. It works both ways.

Sometimes when you push too much and the other doesn’t pull at all is when you realized that something is wrong, something is broken and maybe it is time to move on. There is absolutely no point in trying to make things work if the other doesn’t put in effort. But I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to make it work either.

If the bond of friendship starts to fade, you have to try and make it work. If it stays one sided, then that is when you break it off. But if it doesn’t, then you know that your best friend definitely values the bond between the both of you. Keep that up!

Sometimes, in my experience, it take some time (maybe months or years) to figure out if you should move on from one friendship. I did take a pretty long period of time to decide because I was so unsure and confused at times about the other party. But in the end, it’ll become clear to you.

And I don’t know if my friends realised this but I use the title “best friends” very carefully. If we have known each other for a long time, I’ll call you my good friend but I’ll never upgrade it unless all of the sudden we click so well.

Stay loyal to your best friends. xx



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