M.I.A  – Missing In Action

When it’s college, everyone goes everywhere. Some end up at the same place while others decide to go on their own road far from the others. Either ways, what happens to those friendship that used to be so tight and close?

They’re gone. In a snap, they are gone just like that.

You may say, “Oh we do talk sometimes,” but I’m very sure you feel the bond shaking and fading  away.

The thing is, friendships aren’t just a touch and go thing in life. When your best friend(s) goes/go somewhere else, you have to put effort instead of going M.I.A. And I hope that your best friend(s) does/do that too instead of going M.I.A.

I’m facing this problem with some of my close friends. I try my best in group chats but they are always M.I.A. It pisses me off knowing that they do not remember who they were with. It disappoints me that they let it drop just like that without putting in any effort. But overall, I’m more disappointed than mad. And this M.I.A thing that happens is also influencing my attitude towards them. It’s making me think being M.I.A is okay, when it’s not. You can be M.I.A once or twice but not every time. It lets other people down and I hate letting people down.

There’s this one close friend that got on the top of my disappointment list this year. During labor day, she was  back in town, she knows I’m here because I’m going off to university during September so I’m just taking a gap year, except it isn’t until a year. It’s more like 8 months. Anyways, when she was back, she hung out with a guy who’s her classmate last time in secondary school and she never called me out so naturally I was so disappointed. What a friend she is. I’m starting to think her life priority is all about boys. I’m really disappointed.

In the group chat, she rarely make an appearance anymore and other friends claim that she’s busy but her Snapchat is always about eating with her college friends, mind you mostly boys again. I’m not against hanging out with boys but the fact that she doesn’t make an effort makes me mad. I’m really skeptical about her being busy and I’m starting to believe that it is really all about boys in her life to stop myself from feeling let down.

Let me give you this other example of a good friendship bond. I have two close friends whom I skype with almost every week. One of them is just in a different state, so there’s no time difference while the other’s in Canada so there’s that time difference. But the sacrifices we make to skype despite of time difference is what matters the most. Real friends do that for each other.

I have this other best friend who’s in Australia right now and we talk via WhatsApp a lot. Sometimes we even have double topic conversation just because we’re using both Snapchat and WhatsApp. She supports my stories on Wattpad and yeah she’s a great person. I’m really lucky to know her. I tell her my problems, she tells me hers and it’s just full of support and understanding. It reminds me of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

So yes, let me stress out that even though you and your bestfriend(s) is/are miles away from each other. Take the effort. Run the extra mile to keep that friendship bond going.




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