Let’s Take A Gap Year

People around me find gap years not appealing. Their reasons range from wasting time to ageing. But to me, I find having a long break very appealing. I guess I want to find myself more than ever because I have lost myself countless of times already.

I just want to find out who I am.

Some of my friends worry about not being able to study properly after taking a gap year but I don’t think that’s a problem because all you need is to just discipline yourself to get things done.

Furthermore, if you are out there losing your mind, maybe it’s time to take a break and get your sanity back. I hate it when people assume you are just stressed out when it’s actually more than that.

Honestly, I feel much better having a long break because I have time to think and plan my future. I also have time to experiment with things I have always wanted to do like blogging, writing stories and youtubing. I feel that if we do not take the chance to try the things we have always wanted to, then when?

What if you get older and you don’t have the time or the capability to do something you want? Isn’t it upsetting and disappointing?

So, think about it and maybe take a gap year.

I hope your parents are supportive about it.

Slay with your hard work! xx


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