Hometown/City Food

Ever since I’ve returned from college. I can’t help but feel as if my views of my hometown have changed. I still think that my hometown is a wonderful place. It’s quiet, not so big, peaceful and united by friendly people of different cultures but I can’t help but feel as if things here are quite limited.

My college area was at a large city. Shopping malls are always full of people and I hate it sometimes, especially when you have to wait in extremely long lines just to access the dressing room or the cashier. It pisses me off at times. But there was something about the city that I loved. Refined food. I can easily find a good place for amazing soft cupcakes with yummy and creamy fillings and toppings. I can’t find things like that in my hometown. Cupcakes sold in the bakery here are just mediocre, not luxurious and when I crave a good cupcake, I have absolutely no idea where to find them here.

My hometown has lots of delicious local food that other people from other states rarely have or might not have. Unfortunately, I am so used to them that I miss the food you can get at big cities. In my hometown, I can’t find a decent good place that serves Thai food. There are a few but still, the ones at my college area is so damn good.

Furthermore, it disappoints me that my hometown only have those limited food deliveries services. What am I going to do when I’m so lazy to drive out to buy food that are not from KFC, Pizza Hut or McD? At the city, there’s this food delivery service that delivers so many different kind of food from different places and it is so good. I wish there is this sort of delivery here.

But then, still, I have to say that those who have never ever tried local dishes in my hometown has certainly not done it all. Whenever I ask my college friends if they have ever tried food like ayam pansuh (chicken cooked in bamboo) or umai (raw fish with lime juice, salt, onion and chillies), or glutinous rice in pitcher plant, they say no. Some have never heard of it even. These are the delicacies of my state and they have unique flavors! And somehow, it’s only available here in my state and it’s the best thing ever!

Honestly, I don’t understand why these local food aren’t pushed to more recognition because they deserve recognition from other states and countries.

(If any of you want to know where I’m from so you can try the food that I mentioned, feel free to email me.)

Stay HUNGRY! xx


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