Baby Who?

Relationship horrors.

One of my ex does this thing that I absolutely don’t like. He calls his female friend “baby”. It throws me off so badly and when he calls me that so I told him I don’t like that word. Secretly, I do want my boyfriend to call me that but if he uses this word on a female friend, he tarnished the exclusivity and intimacy of that word.

Nobody wants to stand there and watch their boyfriend or girlfriend openly flirt with someone else like that. It’s down right horrible.

My ex then asked me why I don’t like the word “baby”. I thought it was quite clear to why I don’t like it but he couldn’t see it or maybe he was just playing dumb. I told him, “I just don’t like it so don’t call me that.”

Comment below if you got anything to share about horrible relationships.

Don’t let anyone bring your mood down.

Stay happy!  xx




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