Flashing Thoughts

I met someone recently at the shopping mall. I was close to her until we were sort of separated. It was an unintentional separation. I still think she’s pretty cool. Anyway, she was with a guy I don’t know. Possibly a boyfriend? Possibly a friend? I don’t know. She looked fairer than ever with red painted lips. It must be the makeup but either ways, she looked good with it. She smiled, revealing braces. I never knew she wore braces now. She waved “Hi” and I did the same too, and walked past her.

Suddenly, I kept thinking about everything we used to be. It made me smile for sure. Those memories were good memories. I wonder if she thinks about that too but maybe she’s too caught up with her life to even think about those things. She’s pretty popular. Much more than I am anyways.

I remember when we got into trouble during Primary 6 for walking to the convenient store just a park away from the school. It was after school already but still, the rules were strict. Someone outed us, along with a few others but we were in it together so it didn’t matter. We got canned on the palm. If I’m not wrong, we did found out who the snitch was but we didn’t care.

I wish we could catch up but I don’t know if it will ever happen. We used to be so close. We fought for sure but that was when we were kids. To be honest, she brought electric to my life. She was my best friend. It was a unexpected friendship because I realize we were so different. Like they say, opposite attracts.

She was part of my evolution. She  made me braver than I was. Maybe one day, she’ll come across this but I doubt so.

I guess people do get washed apart in the sea. If you know what I mean.

Signing off,



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