Going Out Makeupless

You’ll never find me without makeup when I go out. It used to be just  BB cream when I was thirteen but then I started adding in eye shadow and lip balm to the routine. And if I feel like it, I’ll throw in eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes blush.

So one day when my mum wanted to go to the shopping mall to grab something from Parkson, she wanted to go right away and I went, makeupless. I felt self-conscious. Although I know my facial skin is alright now (pimple free with some breakouts occasionally – one or two popping here and there), going out makeupless is something I don’t like anymore.

I’m so used to covering my skin, making it look more flawless (especially my dark circles around the eyes). It’s already a habit, a part of me. It makes me feel confident and creative at the same time. Makeup is basically art too. Beautiful art. It requires so much patience to not screw up anything, especially when comes to the eyeliner.

Do you go out makeupless often?

Stay confident and creative! xx




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