(Note : This is just a poem I randomly came up with, in the middle of the night. Keep in mind that the ideas are not random though. The ideas are linked to the things I’ve seen and felt for.)

Aren’t we fools?

For being tools.

When they’ll never notice,

Beyond the cold ice.

Aren’t I a fool?

For being cool.

Trying to impress,

Falling depress.

Aren’t you a fool?

For being poor.

Judging people,

When you’re not capable.

Aren’t we all fools?

Following the rules.

When there is controversy,

Where is humanity?

Aren’t I a fool? 

Conforming to you.

Forgetting myself.

Acting like somebody else.

Aren’t you a fool?

Making blood pool.

Being heartless,

We want gunless.

Aren’t we fools?

Becoming loose.

Not respecting everyone,

Believing there’s only one.

Aren’t we all fools?

Thinking about jewels.

Letting selfishness creep in,

Do you see the sin?

We can turn our backs,

Against the dirt tracks.

So we make new roads,

But there’s too much workloads.

We demolish and build,

But don’t be too thrilled.

Remember to rebuild.

Don’t leave the future unfulfilled.

I’m talking about lacking love,

What we need above.

And I’m talking about humanity,

The simple plea for sanity.

Copyright, cloe_shadowscar 2016


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