Lush Wigs Wasteland Queen Review

So I got this wig and another one late in May. They had free deliveries for two or more wigs so why not? I love free deliveries! Anyways, I got this wig quick, and I thought it was a weird color on me. I have no idea why I chose this one.

So descriptions. It is in a rich brown color with green highlights and teal ombre (dip-dye). It has bouncy curls, a good amount of volume and a side fringe. The pictures shown on the Lush Wigs website were exactly like the wig they sent. The netting inside the wig is  in black and there are clips to help hold it in place.

I wore it the first time and it definitely looked weird on me.But my second time wearing it was different. I guess I was not used to seeing myself with green dip dye hair the first time.

I thought the fringe could have been a little bit longer but I’m okay with it.

I am literally obsessed with Lush Wigs!

Ratings : 4.5 out of 5 stars

(The price is £24.99. Click here to be directed to the link.)



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