The Only Guys In My Life

I realize I’m not exactly a pro when it comes to keeping friendship with a guy. But then, there are some that matters to me the most.

Thinking about it, I guess I kind of shut myself away from most of my males classmates because they are all linked to the girls in my class too. They all hang out together and I’m not fond of big groups. And those girls are linked to this girl who was my best friend too. If you have read my other entries, you’ll probably know more.

And maybe, I’m afraid of falling for another guy.

Anyways, to those guys who matter in my life:

  1. My grandpa. Probably the coolest grandpa ever on Earth, giving loads of good advice.
  2. My dad. Thank you for putting the pressure on me to be the best and to do the best.
  3. My brother Ben. Thank you for being such an annoying brother. But I like it when we watch live football matches together, or play FIFA. I like it when we make supper together. I like it when you buy things for me. I like it when we join forces and cause trouble.
  4. My brother Bentley. I love the way you are so cute in everything you do. I don’t even know how you make me laugh for no reason. There was once where he replied a text message from an automatic message that you’re not supposed to reply to.
  5. To Aaron. The craziest, funniest guy I have ever known. He’s someone who knows how to make anyone laugh. I always look forward to whenever we skype. He knows my deepest secrets.
  6. To Matt. I have no idea how we became friends. Was it me or you who started the conversation? Anyways, this guy comes to me as a little clumsy but he’s great when it comes to understanding emotions. Either ways, we all need different kind of friends. It’s what colors life.

Well, now that I have written this list. I realized, I’m really lacking of male friends. I have male friends other than them but they never really matter that much.

Either ways, love you guys.

Signing off,


Stay Free xx


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