Football and I

I know it’s rare to see a girl who knows her football (AKA soccer). What I mean by know is that she knows the teams, the leagues, the terms used, some histories and of course, the players and managers. I even play football!

Why am I so obsessed with football?

That’s because football became so personal to me. I did mention a little about it in one of my other posts. (I can’t remember which one.) I did love football before it became something else to me. During and after my life struggles, football became a part of me, no matter the ups and downs because I know loyalties work both ways. It was like the perfect companion and it made me feel alive.

And plus, I’m so active on Twitter that I absolutely love reading tweets or messages from people with the same interest (especially those supporting the same football club as I am). I also follow my favourite club and football players. I remember this amazing guy who offered me tickets to a match because he couldn’t make it but unfortunately, I had exams. Oh well.

The first time I watched football on TV, I watched a match between Liverpool and Sunderland. It was a long time ago. Thank you to my cousin who introduced football to me. After that I found a team that I really, really liked, that is Arsenal. It then progress to big devotions for the club. I swear I love them so much.

I know some people who have favourite players but I find it so difficult to pick one out of the rest. After all, what matters most is teamwork.

Slam me for liking Arsenal but hey, everyone has different preferences and I’m not going to talk down any other football clubs here. I respect every football club although there’s that rivalry… Either ways, I believe football is about respecting others.

Apart from football I do like other sports like rugby and basketball. But still, football will always be on the top of my list.

Stay passionate, crazy and colourful!

Signing off,



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