Let It Be

I live in a beautiful home. That’s one thing for sure. Strangely, that makes it a reason to why I rarely invite new people over anymore.

Throwback : 

I don’t know who she thought she was back then but she told the new students in class where I lived. Sometimes I wonder if she was just using me to gain popularity. After a while, one of the new students said something along the lines of, ” i don’t dare to invite you to my place anymore. i’m scared you’ll look down on me.” 

I don’t know why the new student thought I would look down on her. I’m not that kind of person. I appreciate people for who they are, not how their homes look like. After all, homes are places you rest and go to at the end of the day and homes are places to create memories.

In fact, after she said that, I assured her that I wasn’t that kind of person but of course, I don’t think she believes me. 

After that. I only invite the ones who are close to me. 

The end of the throwback.

The thing is, she’s not the only one who thinks that I will look down on her. Another few people did.

It is tiring to change their perspectives sometimes. I eventually gave up and let it be. They can just go ahead and assume and believe whatever they want to believe in.

And that’s all for today’s entry.

Signing off,



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