Is Social Media Good For Mental Health?

There are pros and cons in this.

You know there are some of us who punish our confidence by stalking extremely beautiful people. We’ll be scrolling through their Instagram, wondering how they’re so pretty or handsome or hot and how life is so unfair.

But then they are some of us who use social medias for good. Some of those people are like angels because I remember being mentally ill and people online supported me. Something I never see in my reality. I remember those people giving me advice. Gearing me up before I went to school at 6:30 am just to make sure I’m okay. Those people deserve an award.

On the flip side, there is also those social media meanies who criticize you. I have encountered that once. I remember this one time where this guy disagree with my perspectives. It’s my opinion and we are allowed to have different opinions!

But then again, social media lets you express your feelings. Anger, rage, sadness, disappointment and happiness. If you’re a Twitter user, I’m pretty sure you have done it. And plus, being able to celebrate among people with similar interests online is quite fun. Let’s say your favorite singer won an award, or your favorite sports team won the league. You can connect with the fandom!

On the other side, social media expose you to bad news. There are just so many bad news like terrorism, explosions, deaths and crazy events. It makes you sad and a little angry at the world for being so cruel. In addition, there’s the other kind of bad news where you find yourself “accidentally” stalking or unintentionally updating yourself with someone else’s life. For instance, stalking your ex-bestfriend or ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. That stuff hurts.

But somehow, there are online people who makes you smile and feel better about yourself. Some even try to protect you. I remember when this guy told me things guys might do to you after a breakup. Well, thank you for your interesting insight.

So I don’t know how you feel about social medias. Did I leave out any other pros and cons?

Goodbye for now.

Kill them with kindness – Selena Gomez


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