Heartless? No. I Listen To My Heart Less.

Call me cold and distant and I’ll agree with you.

But behind the cold and distant is that…

“Well I just listen to my heart less, my heart less. I’m not heartless.” – Heartless by IM5

The thing is, when someone breaks your heart and soul, you build a higher wall. And higher walls come in a package with higher standards. So basically, the higher the wall, the higher the standards. As easy as that to prevent any more emotional pain.

The higher standards come in because you start to listen more to your head, instead of your heart. You know what is the best thing for you when you listen to your head more often. And then you’ll start to block away your heart. Meaning, your feelings and emotions.

You see, when you make a decision, you rely on either your smarts or desires. So when it comes to emotional things, you tend to lean onto your desires first. But later when things happen, you turn your back on your desires. You rely on logical thinking, basically trying to protect yourself from any emotional pain. Hence, building a super strong shield against any attack.

So if someone’s cold and distant… just know that they must have been emotionally scarred so badly.

Stay sane! xx


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