Portugal Winning Euro 2016

I was on France’s side because I was supporting Koscielny and Giroud. They are both from Arsenal and I’m a goonerette.

I have to admit that France looked like the winning side. They have a good team, and an advantage since they are playing at home. I really could not understand why they couldn’t manage to score a winning goal, or goals since Ronaldo got off the pitch, leaving them with more than enough time to get goals.

Anyways, looking at the group stages and elimination stages, France did well. Portugal, not so well. But I have to admit the passion they show is incredible. They don’t give up no matter how bad they got through each match to the finals.

Everyone says that Portugal is a one man team but they have proved themselves to be more than that. When Ronaldo came off due to injury, I thought it was over for them but no, they still go on. You have to admit Ronaldo is a great team player, even on the sidelines. Watching him motivate his team mates is just the best thing ever. He gives motivational talk before extra time started. He may be one of the best footballers but he proves to be more than just a footballer. He is a great role model. Truly an inspiration.

I swear I cried when he got stretchered off the pitch. Watching him cry made me cry more.

You know from the tears that he is truly passionate and patriotic. When Messi announced his retirement after losing once again to Chile in the finals of Copa América, I was disappointed. Why wouldn’t he fight more? Why give up so easily?

Back to the Euro finals.

Honestly, I was disappointed in France. But then, I can’t help but feel for Portugal, and of course, the star player, Ronaldo. He cried at the end once more, but this time, it was tears of joy, wonder and relief. Yes, I cried with him once more. His dedication and loyalty is tremendously admirable. No one expect Portugal to win it but they have made history.

Stay passionate about the things you love.

Stay loyal to your dreams and friends.




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