Blessed With Amazing Friends

So this morning, my friend and I were talking (via Whatsapp) about the awesomeness of makeup. And then we go on and talk about our skin care routines.

Suddenly, I had a flashback about what happened a long time ago in high school. My ex-friend invited me to go to some other high school’s charity sale with two other girls. I am pretty sure it was a charity sale, or some sort of sale. Anyways, me being the girl who has been in the same school since kindergarten – I don’t know anyone else from any other high school (excluding those I know from tuition – but most of my extra tuitions were with the same school mates), I said alright.

So here is the thing. I got there feeling nervous because I have never stepped into this high school before. I remember I had BB cream on because of my insecurities. I met up with my ex-friend and her other friends and she commented about the fact that I was wearing makeup like it was such a bad thing. I don’t know why but I lied and said that it was SPF. I remember feeling rather embarrassed and out-of-place.

The thing is, I like makeup. I shouldn’t have let her talk me down or feel bad about having makeup on.

Remembering this event really made me appreciate the fact that I have friends who I can talk to in the language of makeup. I swear I also love my friends who go shopping with me, especially when we get out of our fitting rooms to take a look at each other and help each other choose outfits.

I feel blessed. You know who you are!


cloe_shadowscar xx


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