D.I.Y : Make Your Own Lip Shade!

Have you ever gazed upon your eye shadow kit and wished you had that lip colour? Or maybe you want to try a different lip colour but you don’t have that lip shade in your make up collection?


I’m just kidding but hey, when you want that lip shade ASAP, you can make it yourself! It is just so simple. You only need two things!

Things you will need : 

  • Lip Balm (Any lip balm!)
  • Eye Shadow (The colour you want.)

Steps : 

  1. Put lip balm on your lips evenly.
  2. Use your finger to rub off eye shadow from your eye shadow palette and apply it on your lips with your finger.
  3. Use more eye shadow to even the shade.

It is just that simple!

If you are curious, this is the lip balm and eye shadow palette I use.

*Drum Roll*

May I present to you the shades I have tried!

IMG_3611On the left, I used  dark purple eye shadow.

It reminds of Cher Llyod’s “With Ur Love” music video. The one without the male rapper and where Cher Lloyd was in this dark castle looking like a dark, gothic, glamorous sorceress. It has that goth and rebellious edge. It has attitude.


On the right, I used dark green eye shadow. It reminds me of the wicked witch of the west. Green screams jealousy or envy but I guess it is a pretty cool colour to play with. I don’t even look jealous or envious of anyone or anything in the picture.


On the left, I used a mixture of light and dark blue shades. I can’t say I pull blue lips off. It looks weird on me (haha). But here’s a picture to show you how this shade of blue looks like.






On the right, I use hot pink on the outer area of my lips while I use shimmery pale pink on the inner area of my lips. Blend them a little and that’s it. It is just so pretty.

So enjoy experimenting with lip colors with eye shadows you own!

Stay colourful! xx


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