Wait? They Are All Guys?!

When you learn that there are only 2 girls in your entire course, what will your reaction be? (The 2 girls include me)

Pros : 

  • No girl dramas – probably guy dramas (haha)
  • We’ll be quite close (of course in the friendly kind of way. Possible Bff?)
  • Dealing with guys is easier?

Cons : 

  • Not enough females to hang around (A balance of both gender is great!)
  • Dealing with guys may be difficult?

I guess it isn’t a bad thing. It is just a very different experience with the lack of one gender. My brother thinks that I have a higher chance of getting a boyfriend (so does my mum) and I find it weird that all of a sudden, everyone is being so cool about me getting a boyfriend. My dad wasn’t in this conversation.

Did I mention that they say there are so many to pick from?

And then my mum goes on advising about getting a good guy. Why wouldn’t I want a good person? But maybe she does have a point. When it comes to love, we turn blind sometimes.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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