Good Connection = Tight Frienship

I always feel the need to connect with someone faraway (if you are my good friend).

Like no matter how far you are, I will find ways to connect with you. Text/Skype – whatever works since there are so many social medias to pick from.

But then, I feel as if I am pretty biased. I have so many good friends to talk to but there are only a few I continuously put effort in.

Hey… I’m human and I only have 24 hours like everyone else. 

I guess it is because of the hint or vibe I sort of get from people. I assume 70% of my good friends don’t want to be bothered because they are so busy with college stuffs. I get it, since they all are active members of clubs and so on.

Funny, I did not join any clubs in college because I saw focusing on my studie only as the most important moment of my life, as it decides where I will go after that. 

Anyways, clubs are good too but just not for everyone. But sometimes, I wonder how long can this go on until I have completely given up on giving them a spontaneous message? I have been waiting for them to send me a spontaneous message too, when they are free.

Like this morning, I skyped a friend 14 hours away from me. Friendship is sacrifice and dedication. And plus, it feels great to catch up.Same goes to my other friend whom I text with from time to time (vice versa).

It leaves me with this burning question in my mind…

If they don’t popped by in my life spontaneously, will the friendship change massively over time? 

With a good guess, I think it will change. I see awkward conversations and laughter coming in. I don’t really know what I can do to change it. I have spontaneously typed “Helloooo” in the group chat a few times and not all of them reply. It is frustratingly sad.

Either ways, maybe fate with decide for me.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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