Knight In Gentlemanly Ways

Sometimes, things get complicated and you will need some help but help is so difficult to get. The other day something big happened. I wish I could tell you guys about it but it is not exactly my story to tell. I am just the support of the story with a strong link to the build up of the story.

Basically, things turned dark grey and black.

But there is always white light penetrating the grey and black clouds, if you can find it. And yes, after a while, white light was found and thus, a hero was born in the midst of the trouble.

This hero is the guy I had a small crush on a long time ago. At the end of my secondary school years, I thought maybe he was not worth it. I thought maybe we should just part ways and not see each other again because after he switched classes, we rarely talk. I thought he disliked me.

But we coincidentally met each other at the bowling alley after not seeing each other for more than a year. Of course, we talked. It is the polite thing to do. After that, I tried to keep in contact with him but I guess he was busy to go out the other day so the bowling alley was the last place I saw him.

Either ways, this guy jumped into the problem and helped out. He even called my parents to explain what he did to make sure they know what is going on.

I swear that part made my heat skipped because how many guys will do things like that? If only I could find a guy like that…

Signing off,



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