Missing Home

This time in university, I realized I missed home more than I did during college.

I realized that it is because I have nothing to run away from at home anymore. Back in college, I did not miss home one bit because I have a few things to run away from. I had to run away from the feelings and emotions I could not put aside over there. Like I said before in my previous posts, I went to college quite out of nowhere and it was all about getting away from home that time. I just wanted to go. It was like a mindset.

I guess sometimes, running away but achieving something faster can sometimes do you some good. It heals you, prepares you to be a better person and helps you to get to the point of forgiveness. After all, life is about accepting, moving on and get head on first with new challenges.

Anyways, I’m just sharing what I realized these past few days.

It will always be a mystery to me to why some events can make you block out some other feelings. But I guess it is because we build our walls higher, and stay much more alert, fearing that we will repeat the same mistakes.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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