Lush Wigs Tarot Review

img_3165Bought this wig quite a while ago with the Lush Wigs Wasteland Queen. First thought, I love this more than Caramel (by Lush Wigs also).

Descriptions : It has this dusky brown that is incredibly incorporated with lilac/mauve tones. It has an appropriate length side fringe (If you want it shorter or you want to change the fringe style, you can totally cut it but beware of making mistakes!). It also has loose curl but if you don’t want the curls, you can straightened it. (Make sure your hot iron or straightener does not exceed 180 degrees Celsius!)  How long is it? 60cm.  There is a good strong netting with clips to hold the wig in place.

My second thoughts on it? It looks great on me. The colour is amazing. You will get compliments with it. Your girlfriends might get jealous. (Haha) Bear in mind that the colour of the wig do vary due to lighting. Different lighting brings out different tones.

Anything I don’t like about it? Probably the tangles it gets like every other wigs but that happens.

Ratings : 4.8 out of 5 Beauty Stars

By the way, I’m not paid to review any of their products. I just like reviewing stuffs.

(The price is £24.99. Click here to be directed to the link.)


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