The One With The History

What attracts me the most in a relationship is emotional support and understanding. And plus, (it’s weird) but I think I like someone with a history of emotional wreck.

I guess it’s like we’ll know secrets about each other that no one will know and that we are able to tell if one of us is feeling a little out of place. It’ll be like a comforting thing between us and something that will bring us closer to one another.

I know people who were once in a wreck of emotions (AKA depression, anxiety) are those who care the most. And that’s what I value a lot, in a relationship. I guess I’m someone who needs someone to lean on to, and at the same time, I can be that person you want to lean on to and just talk about deep thoughts and feelings.

I love deep conversations. I wish I could have more deep conversations face to face more often than via text. Deep conversations are not so scary when it is via text but having it face to face is what makes it even more meaningful because you are really giving away a part of you that you keep to yourself, especially your voice and emotions. But at the same time, I imagine deep conversations to be held only at midnight where the stars are shining so bright (unfortunately, you can’t really see stars in the city anymore).

Sometimes, I think about climbing the roof just so I can just stare at the sky and think deep thoughts and evaluate my feelings. But of course, it’s dangerous and I always play safe.

Anyways, basically, I was thinking about all of this because one of my online friends asked me about whether I am in a relationship. And then he warned me about cute boys. I replied and said that I sort of know what I want already. And I guess emotional support plays one of the huge part of my criteria list (if I am sure what the other criteria are in my imaginary list).

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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