Is It Not Obvious?

Last night, I dropped a huge hint to my friend on the reason why I don’t like going to much.

I sent her a text, “Btw 🙂 I can’t hang out with people too much also. I’ll get really exhausted. Like mentally tired.”

For a friend I’m not close to, this is a huge ass hint already.

And then she replied, “It’s okay. We can take baby steps. You don’t have to go out for so long. Just once in a while. Make sure you are out so you can slowly get used to it. I was like that too, scared of people.”

And then it hit me. She thought I was scared of people when I clearly texted “mentally tired”.

Then I texted back, “Not scared. More like my energy drained.

I don’t think she understood the hint. I can’t blame her. But I did try to tell her something about me.

This prove the reason to why I don’t tell people my problem. They won’t get it. Mental illness don’t creep into their mind. They’ll just think it’s something normal. Only the ones that experienced this will understand. And that’s where I’ll always belong, with the “crazy” ones.

Signing off,



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