Put Me In A House Arrest Right Now

So lately, I have been quite stressed out. I feel like even though the slides are easy to read, it isn’t easy to remember. I feel like I should go back to my college study schedule whereby I study everyday and not go out so much. It’s pretty much like a house arrest, except it’s all about studying.

Somehow, it feels as if the lecturers give no crap about you. They just throw things to you and claim that they care. I would really appreciate if they gave homework instead of surprise tests. I need more experience in the type of questions they give. And plus, surprise quizzes give me mental breakdown. Although the pop quizzes does not carry any marks, (it just keeps you on your toes) it makes me feel terrible whenever I know I’ll do terribly. I am not a fast study kind of person. I’m that person who will make sure I do well in the tests that matters. It just take time for me to remember everything.

I feel like I probably already gave a bad impression to my lecturers. I think I do that to all my teachers.

Let me tell you something else about university life. They expect you to pay for printing. And I’m like hell no. We paid the costly fees to study here and yet printing or photostating isn’t free. Life is tough I swear. Maybe they want to get us to save paper but why not save by printing the materials that must be printed? *rolls my eyes*

Either ways, I am so stressed out. I’m starting to consider sleeping super less again. An adult did tell me how much I could do if I sleep lesser and have power naps. Probably not a good idea but it’s time to buy a big pack of instant coffee.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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