That Escalated Quickly!

It has been about 4 weeks into university life.

I am quite used to it already, although sometimes I find myself annoyed at the fact that I have to attend classes when it seems useless to do so. That’s because sometimes, the lecturer just reads from the slides, when I can do the exact same thing at home. I might as well study at home instead of going to class where I tend to daydream.

Anyways, old me would have thought 4 weeks would have changed nothing but I was wrong. 4 weeks is enough to change some things.

I never planned anything at all. I was just so focused on my studies because I’m insecure about it. My best friend knows about it and sometimes, I think I over-worry about it. Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems. I don’t know. My mind goes crazy sometimes.

Either ways, there’s this guy in my class. I never really talked to him until the 3rd week. And then after having dinner with him… things definitely changed. I was comfortable with him. Something that I never see coming quickly because usually, it would be tough to be comfortable with someone due to all these walls I put up.

I think I let him in a little too quickly sometimes, that I tend to change the next day by being a little cold. I don’t know if he noticed. But I’m pretty sure he thought I was upset at something.

We hung out more and I have to admit I was confused by him until one day he confessed.

Turns out, he likes me more than a friend.

In this 4 weeks… plenty have changed. I’m surprised at myself. I’m surprised at everything. It’s a little scary too. But either ways, maybe this unexpected event is meant to happen.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx



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