He’s Avoiding

So my ex and I have each other on Snapchat. We agreed to be friends and leave the past behind which I gladly did but I think he haven’t fully let it go. Usually he would check out my snaps but lately, he hasn’t done that. He still does post things on Snapchat but  I know he avoids my snaps. I think I know the reason to it.

He’s friends with my group of close friends and of course, words spread about my new found happiness.

I get it. I probably did ruin him that time but he was the one who initiated the break up so I guess it’s not really my fault? Like come on, he asked for it and I gladly gave it to him. But I guess I have to say I kind of understand what he’s going through because that’s what I went through after my first relationship.

Thank gosh my first ex and I have gone back to being really good friends. He brings me back souvenirs and chocolates from his trips and we hang out playing the wave-board or go out for movies with a bunch of friends. Such a strange turn of events but that makes everything so much better knowing that we both have finally moved on and accepted that being friends suit us more.

To be honest, I am not guilty about showing off my new found happiness because he’s the best thing that has ever happened.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx



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