Mind Spirals

So here’s a another poem that I’ve decided to share :

I don’t know what’s going on,

When all I see is a yawn.

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

Feeling like the dead sea.

You said you care,

But do you have time to spare?

Looks like it has changed,

we’ve grown estranged.

Are we something we’re not?

For this is a difficult knot.

Are we really going there?

I guess it’s still somewhere.

You could at least try,

To be the underlie.

No excuses spared,

No one’s ever prepared.

If it’s always like this,

It will be a sweet miss.

I don’t know if I will speak,

Or even seek.

You took the chance,

To get the royal dance.

But you’re taking it for granted,

And it’s not even enchanted.

I’m afraid of going back there,

You won’t find it on Foursquare.

Remind me why this is truly it,

Otherwise, I’ll see it unfit.

I’m trying not to regret,

Time will work it out yet.

Through this difficult time,

There can only be the climb.



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