First Counselling Session

It was weird telling a stranger so many things but she made it comfortable. So here’s what I’ve gotten out of my first counselling session:

  • Perfectionism is a myth.
  • Be kind to yourself, not just to everyone else.
  • Don’t over study.
  • Take time out to hang out with friends.
  • Do something you like.
  • Depression is a curable disease.
  • Depression is an anger towards yourself.
  • Analyze your thoughts.
  • Read up on distorted automatic thoughts.
  • She’ll be helping me out with CBT the next session.

And then she suggested the possible 2 supplements I could take. The first one was Efalex (Efamol) and the second was Vitamin B Complex. Honestly, I was quite eager to try the first one because it seems really helpful but the price is definitely high. I don’t know what to say to my parents if I tell them I need it because they don’t know about this. They don’t know I’m getting counselling. But either ways, I know I can get the Vitamin B Complex by myself first.

Thinking back, she asked me this one question, “How are you feeling?”

I couldn’t answer. I didn’t know how I was feeling so I stumbled upon numb and neutral and then I stood my ground on “I don’t know how I’m feeling.”

Gosh, I’m so confused with myself. Thinking more about it, I don’t know my every day feelings anymore. I only know my feelings when it comes to some people and when it comes to feeling sad or depressed. The rest of the time is like me being oblivious and clueless of my own emotions because I’m trying not to overthink. Probably why I think more about other people than myself.

To be honest, since this is the first, I wasn’t expecting much so I’ll see how it goes the next time.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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