Trust Issues

I know a counselor is supposed to keep everything a secret and so on but I can’t help but still have trust issues about it. I worry about the fact that they might let the university in on some things.

I remember filling the application form for a place and they mentioned about whether i have mental illnesses. Considering all the factors including the possible fact that they might not accept me if they knew, I obviously chose to be seen as normal.

But what if they know now? Just what if?

I am aware that the counselor writes details into a piece of paper and slots them into a folder labeled with my name but where does that folder goes?

I am also aware that she is not a full-time counselor at uni and that she comes in every Tuesdays so where does the folder stays? Whose hands are they in? Do people I don’t know pry?

It’s terrible that even I can’t fully trust the counselor. After all, things change after every trust you have ever treasured broken into tiny pieces of gold and black dust. Watching trust crumble even with the closest people are terrible memories. It keeps me very aware that even the closest people can stab you with a million knives.

Signing off,




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