I’m Still Here

Sometimes some things can blind us, remove our capabilities of thinking straight and destroy the ability to make the right decision.

Some say it’s a lack of knowledge and education. I say it’s also what we do for a certain something or someone.

This blindness is so dangerous but I like it and I go along with the possible dangers, dancing on the edge of the cliffs, not afraid of falling off.

Once the blinding lights comes back on, it’s just way too late to go back. Whatever is done, is done. Whatever happened, has happened. It’ll be like a car crash, nowhere to turn back. One look and you’re gone just like that.

It hurts but you still do it anyways because you are blinded by what you want, who you want.

Sometimes, I realize it and I want to knock some sense into myself and tell myself to get straight back on track but the curves and spirals all seem so hauntingly tempting. It’s like an addiction to feeling pain because you can’t seem to feel anything else. Pain is like the only thing that seems to say, “You’re still here. You’re still alive and you’re still human.”

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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