Soldiers Fight On

Another layer of frost covers the heart but the heart still beats in the freezing cold. Her mind brings out the shield so the soldiers in heavy armor are on standby, ready to fight the war in her head. Blood, sweat, tears and death all play side by side now but no one knows how calm the storm is not brewing.


Thunder strikes and rain falls, signalling multiple deaths and when the stormy weather clears, it is laid to rest but the process is never that simple. The soldiers bound it with chains, keys thrown away into the deep depths of the ocean and once more, locked away in a tightly secured coffin, thrown into a crypt.

But even with that much effort, the same of its kind will resurface again as the soldiers train over and over again, prepared for the next wave of attacks. They know they are only safe for a very short period of time and time is the enemy.

Eventually, the soldiers roughen up, toughen up, sharpen their weapons, waiting for the next shield to come back up. They are weary but the scars on them represent the life they are determined to live for.


One word makes a whole lot of difference but neither one of them know when freedom will truly come. They look at each other in doubt, slowly seeing the fight as nothing more than a fight. It is slowly losing its meaning.

But when she closes her eyes, only then they could take a break, watching the dreams she dreams of like it is a better alternate universe. They can tell she’s exhausted but that’s what they are trying to change.

Unfortunately, no matter how much they try to warm her up, the layer of frosts on her heart are melting ever so slowly, building up over and over again every time the shields decide to come back up.

So the soldiers ask themselves, “When can they find the fire needed to melt the ice completely?”

She wakes up and the fight starts all over again.



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