The First Person I know In Uni

I have officially decided and concluded that the girl who lives with me is not so bad after all. She’s also my uni classmate.

The thing is that she has a mind of her own. I like that although misunderstandings happen but well, not everyone see eye to eye anyways. Differences is what makes a friendship more interesting too.

Anyways, she’s actually a caring person and although I find her dietary habits way different from mine (maybe not so because she likes the muesli I buy), I like that she knows what she wants. Shout out to the girls who know what they want. I support that.

Either ways, I feel like we have sort of bonded (It happens once in a while) but I always feel more comfortable with the other people in class who are all males. I guess it’s because when you’re a girl, you kind of know what girls are like. For example, you have to watch what you say so that you won’t hurt their feelings and so on. Whereas for guys, you can just be careless and carefree and they wouldn’t even care.

To be fair, I do know girls who are carefree but they are not here with me. But I’m pretty sure I can find one soon. Maybe not this year, but next year.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx



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