Fleeting Afternoon Thoughts

Sometimes, to prevent yourself from thinking too much, you have to talk to someone about anything. Comment on anything you see whether it’s the cars, the billboards or people around your surroundings.

Depending on situations, you can also choose to remove yourself from a room full of people (if they make you overthink things) or you can put yourself in a room full of people (if they make you enjoy company).

Lately, I realized that I’ve been surrounded by a lot of bullshit and these bullshit make me overthink things. Sadly, I can’t completely escape these meaningless things yet but at least there’s some point where I could get a temporary escape away from things not worth my anxiety, time and thoughts.

Sometimes I care too much and if my long-winded thoughts and predictions seem ridiculous to some people, I can keep my thoughts to myself and play the “I don’t care” game. It will hurt me but hell, they can fall into the trap they seem to want to fall in.

Honestly, I’m done taking care of so many because I always end up never taking care of myself. I hurt myself more than I care to admit. I think I also lie to myself more than I could count.

Gosh, I just can’t wait for the next semester to come just so I can get it over with and go off on my own not giving any care in the world about meaningless and toxic things and people. I’m way to high to lower my standards. I know my aspiration, I know where I want to get, I know who I want to be and the type of people I rather surround myself with. I strive to achieve greatness and not mediocre or abysmal.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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