Broken Trust & Belief

What do you do when you know someone close to you have been lying? I’m hurt by it but all I know is that I’m not going to show it.

Let’s call this person ‘F’. (Staying gender neutral here)9c0d99447ec73aca1ac74acd5ef6e267.jpg

So basically, F tells me things differently from the things F tells others. F doesn’t know I know. F probably thinks I believe everything F says. What’s worse is that I trust F and I tend to forgive and forget the many things F thinks I don’t know. If I  could rewind, I would probably not share a lot.

I know some things are my fault too and I guess I have always known that it was too good to be true. I was smarter than this. Why did I let my guard down completely?

In all, I’m regretting now.

Lesson learned.

  • Never ever assume that you could find someone to let your guard completely down.
  •  Don’t put in so much effort anymore on someone who doesn’t even see the effort you put in because you claim you didn’t put much effort in but in fact you did. You know it. You just don’t want to make it into a big deal.
  • Stop hurting because of people like F.
  • Stop caring too much.
  • Stop changing and accommodating to someone else.

In all… I feel my heart slowly freezing up again. Everything’s too good to be true. Why did I even started believing in something when my mind truly knows the truth?

And I always thought it’s better to be your true self with people closest to you…

But I guess I was wrong?

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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