The Other Side 

There’s this snobbish guy I know since young. I tend to avoid him at dinner parties if I could.

Ever since I came back from college, rumors say that he likes me (his mother told me) and that was when I started avoiding him even more. Unfortunately, you can’t keep dodging people. There will be one point where you will be forced to talk to people you don’t like.

So during this dinner party, I was trying my best to speak less beacause I had a terrible sore throat. I didn’t see him approach me at the corner of my eyes because I was grabbing a drink. That was when he cornered me and I had no choice but to entertain him.

The initial conversation was light and bearable until he mentioned about the relationship I was in. To be honest, I have no idea how he knows but that doesn’t matter.

He said : You and I live in the same type of world, dealing with things no one have seen. Why did you choose him over the people here?

I guess when he mentioned ‘people’, he really meant the guys from this dinner party. Any one of them.

I said, “I’m done listening to what they think are right and good. I choose my own happiness.

He replied, “You’re a fool. He won’t make you happy.”

So I said, “You’re a bigger fool thinking you can easily get the things you want. I’m not it.”

I did try to leave after that but he held onto my arm.

“It’s not over.”

I rolled my eyes, “The game never existed.”

And then I left for real. He’s probably the only person I have to talk to with sharp words.

To be honest, the earliest memory I have of him weren’t really memorable at all. He’s still the same, stuck up person I remembered, always boasting about his trips to places around the world, talking about money like he has everything although I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even work yet (he’s still studying – living off his parents). He laughs loud like everything’s a party and acts like the big shot.

I know a few girls who crush on him but I wonder if it’s on him or on his future inheritance..

 But either ways, I will forever try my best to avoid him.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx



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