Show It – Always

Valentine’s day is coming up.

So here’s the thing.

I know it’s a day when everyone show their love for someone by celebrating it together.

So my first Valentine’s experience was unfortunate because back than, my boyfriend’s (now ex-boyfriend) grandmother passed away so I didn’t see him for a few days and that include Valentine’s day. I didn’t mind because it sucks losing someone you know for years. I was there with him via text messages. We exchanged sweet nothings and that was it.


We all know how Valentine’s day is kind of important but at the same time, why do we only show our love for someone on days that matter? (That includes birthdays, anniversaries and so on.)

So here’s what’s troubling my mind because I realize what’s going on most of the time.

There’s just so many ways to show someone you care about them and you can do them any day, any time. It doesn’t just have to be on special days because then what are the rest of the days? Are they just plain days where you just count them down to see how long you’ll last? Come on, a hug, a kiss, a cute letter or a thoughtful homemade snack is good and easy enough.

Sometimes, if one understands the complications another have to go through, sometimes that person can do so much more than just sit around. Compromise and sacrifice is all part of the journey.

And sometimes, I feel like modern relationship sucks. Everything, literally almost everything is text based. What happened to long face to face conversations? What happened to just appreciating each other’s presence without doing anything else?

I guess because of technological advances, people find themselves even more “bored” and when they are bored, they do things that help pass the time no matter how boring it actually is. Honestly, how many of you find yourself scrolling through the endless home page of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on? You find something interesting but are still bored anyways right? You do it just to pass time. You do it because it’s addicting and it’s the only thing that’s so easily accessible which makes not much fuss.

But then it takes over a lot of things. I’ve seen so many couples just scrolling through their phones when they are together. It’s not something I want to follow but I guess it’s difficult because many people are like that now. If one does it all the time, another will follow suit. I swear one day, the river of attraction and affection will dry up if it continues.

Think about it. Lesser and lesser people play board games because of the hassle it makes to set it up and to tidy it up. Especially Monopoly, whereby you have to count cash (if you’re playing the traditional one instead one with credit cards) during the game. What a hassle it is right? WRONG. We are all getting lazier and lazier and unappreciative of things that mean the world to us, as well as the simple pleasures of life.

(I have to admit that I’m one of those people who got so lazy to play the real Monopoly that I end up playing it on PS4 because it’s hassle-free. I actually do miss the traditional ones. I shall make it a point to play traditional ones from now on.)

So honestly, yes special days can be special but don’t treat the rest of the days like it’s nothing more than just a day to get by. Come on, everyone secretly wants to feel loved all the time because love is the best thing ever. It’s better than what money can buy.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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