I’m the kind of person who would get advice online and I tend to do that  on the Whisper app. It is a good place to get the advice you need sometimes.

The most common advice I get will be to speak up and normally speaking up is quite a difficult thing to do and yes it will take some time… but eventually yes, speaking up is always the right thing to do. But then when someone else thinks you’re bonkers for making something seem like a big deal… you kind of get upset.

I mean, we have talked about it before and he did do something about it the last time but then now it seems like I’m the one who’s freaking crazy.

I got upset so I kind of vented it out on Whisper. This unknown person replied and said, “Down played your concerns? I wouldn’t trust that behavior. Bonkers or not, he should at least respect this is the girl you asked him not to communicate with before.”

Full story short (happened last year), we met this girl at the bar through one of my classmates. She seemed nice and everything until my boyfriend told me something about her that made me automatically dislike her. After that night, I noticed them snapchatting each other… which did bother me…I spoke up about it and he deleted her number and removed her from his Snapchat.

So then recently, he added her on Facebook, which I don’t understand since we already settled this issue out. Obviously I get guarded and I’m obviously concerned and worried, like any other girlfriend would be. But he didn’t get the memo… I almost thought I’m over-reacting and maybe I am but if you have settled the same sort of issue with someone a while ago, shouldn’t someone uphold and preserve what was already discussed and settled with?

Maybe if I didn’t like him that much I wouldn’t be reacting like this…

And as usual… I do have the habit of putting back the blame onto myself over and over again. It’s the worst when you always manage to find ways to blame yourself just for someone else.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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