No Age Limit

I realized I really love hanging out with people older than I am. And when I mean older, the age difference can be really big.

Today, I hung out at the cafe with a friend of mine – who’s a wife to a doctor, and a mother to two kids, age 16 and 13. She’s already fifty something years old and there I am, only age 18. Here’s the thing I realized. There is no age limit to a good friendship and I love that it’s like this and I will keep doing this unintentionally.

I realized that hanging out with older people can be much more interesting and enlightening, compared to hanging out with people of the same age group. Well, most of the time.  I feel like they carry conversations more better. Even though they may be introvert, if they need to talk, they will talk. And honestly, most of the time, I feel comfortable in their presence. I feel like I am able to connect with them easily and just rest my mind with endless topics.

She tells me things from politics to her kids, to food and cafes, and to education and beliefs. It’s interesting to hear someone else’s point of view and to see how different their parenting style may be from your own parents.

And honestly, I look forward to the next meeting. I love how we met at an event and instantly connected because I told her she looks young. In fact, she doesn’t look her age at all. If she never told me her age, I would have thought she was in her late thirties.

But yes… I love unexpected friendships too.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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