On The Bench

Picture this : You are forced to sit on a bench that only has space for one more person. That spot is only for the person who forced you to sit there. You’re not allowed to leave that bench, or join other benches with more people on it.

So when the person that force you on that bench leaves to join the other groups, you sit there, waiting patiently like a dog waiting for its master to return home for attention. When you find the courage to leave the bench to join another bench, the person drags you back and force you down. So what happen on the days when that person is not there but you feel so bored, so lonely and so stuck? You end up wasting time, you end up wondering if that person will come through, you end up wondering if you should get up and go somewhere again because you’re so so tired of being bored and alone.

Being on this bench means you either have the person around or you do things alone. And yes, doing most things alone comes natural. You get used to the feeling. No point asking because the person’s just selfish like that, thinking you’re definitely okay alone. You are but a little company doesn’t hurt. In fact, you just want company because the world can seem so lonely and cold to you.

Funny how that person can easily leave the bench and you can try to argue but never win. Funny how you can leave the bench but always go back on the bench obediently, once dragged. So you sit there and wait and wait and wait until your backbone curves as you curl up. Even if you can leave again, all the other benches are fully occupied.

And sadly, your youth is deteriorating because of all that waiting.

Treasure loyalty. It’s something rare and beautiful.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx



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