(Here’s a short story inspired by life itself…)

With arms wrapped around my knees, I held tight to the phone, awaiting the next reply. I hear the familiar sound of my phone buzzing and scrambled to read the text message. My heart dropped.

“Keep everything to myself…. suicide…”

I felt my heart pumped a little quicker. What did I say wrong? I quickly scrolled upwards, rereading what I typed. It sounded calm and focused. Where did he get that impression from anyways? So then I started typing and sending lines of messages hoping that he’ll understand that it’s not as serious as he thought it was.

“Please don’t. I really beg you to not get the wrong idea.”

I never use the word “beg” because it always sound a little bit desperate and low but I used it anyways. This is what happens when you find yourself in a certain situation where desperate measures call out. This is what happens when you really are deeply, madly in love with someone.

As I wait for what seemed like hours… I found myself walking to and fro my bedroom and bathroom. At one point I sat on the toilet seat, deep in thoughts.

Effortlessly, tears came down but you know you’ll never give up in that one person, no matter how difficult it is. I smiled sarcastically at myself as I glanced into the mirror wondering why no one realizes what you’ll go through for them or what you’ll do for them.

I guess it all comes down to what you believe in love, and what I believe is a love that’s strong and able to withstand anything. Maybe this belief isn’t for everyone after all but we can all try right?

Finally my phone buzzed again. I let out a sigh of relief.




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