Entry 3 & 4

(I would recommend that you start from Entry 1 & 2 for better understanding.)

1st November 2006

I got 76 for mental maths, 90 for art, 87 for English comprehension, 91 for computer studies, 91 for sports and 96 for music. Apparently there was 2 sections for music. One theory and another oral part. I was proud that I got full marks for the theory section.

But then I was disappointed that I got 76 for mental  maths. Direct quote, “I can’t believe that I got 76 for mental maths and I feel not good enough.”

Funny how I was already judging myself so badly at that age. Who knew that will build up to be more serious.

And then I drew 2 terrible pictures of my then best friends, Elim and Yuki, also with the labels cutie and snottie. (I ticked both cuties.)

And then I had  a list of my best friends. Both boys and girls. My judgement of who were my best friends were terrible. What was I thinking?

But here goes the list :

Girls: Elim, Yuki, Audrey, Sarah, Natalie

Boys : Javier, Ignatius, Damian, Arnold

And then I went on adding my other test results. Science enrichment (basically science that was harder than our supposed standard given by the Ministry of Education), 87. Malay comprehension, 85 and Malay essay writing, 95.

(I sort of wrote rubbish, the rest of 2006-2007. I guess I was young and had nothing to write so I just wrote wishes down. Silly wishes like getting As on subjects or wanting my own computer, a gameboy, DS, Wii or PS2.)

27th March 2008

(Back to serious writing at the age of 9)

It was the first time my Maple Story account got hacked. Everything I owned was gone just like that. I was so angry I wrote, “I hope the hacker is banned for 2 years!” (But I think little me should have wrote banned forever instead. 2 years is short.)

I have my old account username and password on this page and I wonder if it still exists and if it’s still accessible. Who knows. I’ll check one day.




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