Entry 5 & 6

(I would recommend starting off with entry 1&2 for better understanding.)

19th March 2008

The next day was going to be Daniel’s birthday party. I love the lasagna his mum makes all the time for class parties, as well as the water fight we would always have at his porch with water guns, balloons and hoses. All of us will usually end up soaking wet.

I made a cute list of possible birthday presents I could get for him.

  • Toy
  • Story (Mr.Midnight or Goosebumps)
  • Shirt
  • Pencil Box
  • Shaker (pencil)
  • B’ day card

At the end, I remember getting him a Bobble head toy.

I also remember changing in this closet like room with one of my classmates, Ying Ching after the game was done.

It was a good time and I wouldn’t have known that a few years later, something bad would have happened to the birthday boy.

20th March 2008

I got “bitten”. Another spelling error. What I meant was “beaten”. I didn’t specify why but it must be something I said. And then I complained about hating that specific subject almost every kid my age hates. Malay.

Getting spank was a common memory of my childhood. It’s probably the standard Asian kid disciplinary method. It’s used when you get bad test results, or when you say something foul or do something bad. I remember stuffing tiny pillows into my pyjamas or wrapping possible spank areas with a thin blanket just in case.

I remember getting spank for not wanting to learn my Chinese properly. I remember I used to cheat, writing the characters onto my palms just to get the spelling test over. It was successful a few times, until I was caught by my dad. He was the after school Chinese teacher to both my brother and I. I hated learning Chinese then.



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