13 Reasons Why

A lot of people have already watched “13 Reasons Why”. What got me to watch was that I have read the book (a long time ago – and I can’t remember anything), that Selena Gomez was involved in the production and it was about mental illness.

There are a lot of criticisms about the movie. Google them and you would see plenty, even from Zara Larsson.

But I’m not here to criticize it. I’m here to say that it’s a good production.

Zara Larsson says it’s unrealistic but I say it’s realistic and relatable because with the 13 reasons, you’ll see that it’s about loneliness, not having someone to lean on and the aftereffects or rape.

Loneliness plays a huge part in depression. You can be alone but not feel lonely. But in most cases, I’m sure when things happen and change, you find it hard to adjust to being alone because it feels so lonely. Because I have experienced this change, I know how much it sucks to find yourself in a situation, losing close friends and not being able to find another because everyone else has their groups already.

Not having someone to lean on in the real life is quite soul breaking because some of us find other ways to find comfort and help, through various apps, social media (as an anonymous person). It works but as I was in this full day school with no phones allowed, waiting for the end of the day usually gets quite tiring and crappy. I ended up hiding (sometimes) in empty classrooms or have long visits to the toilet during breaks. It’s the only way I could catch a breath. I would also pick the corner seat in class just so I can do other stuff like write random poems and lyrics. And plus, the corner is the best place  to just get away from the others.

Rape. It’s not something relatable to me but I would like to point out that many people blame the victim, instead of the rapist. They blame the victim for going out late, for drinking, or for dressing up slutty. Honestly, it’s never the victim’s fault. But as society makes it that way, the mindset of victims may include keeping it a secret for the fear of others looking at them like offenders.

Anyways, overall, “13 Reasons Why” emphasizes on the fact that we need to take responsibilities for the things we do or else the consequences may be damaging to others. We should always be nice to one another. Spread and share the love instead of hate. Stop bullying and objectifying people as well as respecting people’s differences. It also show that one person can make a huge difference to a person’s life because if Hannah did have a friend by her side, maybe she wouldn’t have committed suicide. Friendship and love is a powerful thing.

And honestly, it isn’t just about knowing the signs of suicide because is that the only reason why you should care about someone if you see cut marks on their wrist? I mean, if you do see someone with those signs, yes you care about them but why don’t we all care in general? After all, we do not know the shit people go through behind close doors.

So yes, love out loud, it’s never too late.

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx



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