Entry 7 &8

26th March 2008

Dear Diary,

Something is happening strangely…… 

Friendship drama. Probably not the first but a major first. I wrote about how my best friend wasn’t talking to me. It felt as if I was bothering her. I don’t know what I’ve done or what I did not do because I was clueless.

So, side story. We became best friends ever since seven years old in primary school. We had piano lessons the same day and time and ever since that day, something just clicked in us. Usually the shy me who rarely spoke a sentence during music classes was suddenly speaking more than ever. I remember it clearly.

Anyways, one of my friend, Kelvin made this “Japanese Ghost Story Club”. We could earn points and win things. He gave me 25 points for helping him draw lines.

Kids find the pleasure and happiness in the simplest of things, paired with great imagination. Too bad we grow up with reality forcing down on us, stealing all our innocence, dreams and wild imaginations.

28th March 2008

I didn’t specify how I solved the friendship problem but my best friend was finally talking to me again.

I wrote about 2 specific primary school teachers that I hated. I can remember their faces but then all feelings of hate aren’t there anymore. And then there’s this other girl in class who tries to read my diary. I hated her too. Surprisingly, at age 10, my diary had some vulgarities in it. It must be the age when using swear words in secret seemed fun and fitting for letting my hatred out.

Thinking about it, vulgar vocabularies were learnt from older cousins and older kids in primary school. Sometimes you can find some words scribbled on various parts of the table in pen or pencil or marker.


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