Me getting mad is a normal thing but since my depression is known and people who never experienced it don’t know, they think increasing dose will help.

Me sleeping more. “Increase dose?”

Me feeling sad. “Increase dose?”

Me wanting to be at home. “Increase dose?”

Me arguing. “Increase dose?”

What do some people think medications are for? For shutting you down and not speak out or feel emotions or suddenly feel energized? Fuck your misunderstandings.

Emotions and feelings are normal. Increasing dose doesn’t mean I’ll not get angry or sad or speak out about my opinions and thoughts.

But again.. there are many stupid, ignorant, and close-minded people around. It makes me so frustrated, annoyed and angry that I want to scream at them about the fact that increasing medication isn’t because I’m angry or whatsoever. 

And then I realize how much better it was to keep my depression a secret because stupid people will never change.

Increasing dose is when I feel more suicidal. Get that idiots. But again, living with a bunch of them in my life isn’t helping. Stupid people are like drunk people who will never admit they’re drunk.

Sometimes I wish they have it too so they’ll shut up and know things better instead of seeming all “righteous”.

What if someone with diabetes is seen as someone with depression and you keep telling them to “increase dose”? 

What if you have a fever and I tell u to take 5 panadols instead of 2?

Doesn’t it annoy you?

And education doesn’t seem to open up minds. It just opens up more judgemental thoughts and misconceptions. Even with the right explanation, people only want to hear what they think they heard and people only want to think the way society thinks.

If I could run away, I would. 

Signing off,

cloe_shadowscar xx


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