Flirt Friend

So, have anyone of you ever wonder if those quirky and flirty text from your guy friend is just him being him or  is there something else?

So he was asking for a skype session but I’m way too busy lately with plenty of things going on so I said “no”, unless if he could skype at 1am, which he didn’t want  to.

And then he sent this bitmoji, with his bitmoji character holding wilted roses while my bitmoji character’s ignoring him with the caption “Let me love you”.

And then sometimes, he drop in “I love you” sentences, to which I never replied back. I just don’t reply “I love you” or the red heart emoji to male friends when they send one. I just brush it off like it’s a friendly thing to do to someone you know very well. The thing is, before he move to Australia a few years back, he wasn’t this kind of guy. He was the quiet kind that know things just by listening around. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would randomly say “I love you” or send flirty texts. Maybe Australia changed him. I don’t know.

But anyways, the reason why I suddenly thought of this is because I had a dream where he confessed and said that he has a crush on me and that he really loves me.

I woke up with an instant thought in my mind, “ew” but then it kept my day rather preoccupied because all of a sudden I was suddenly worried about situations like this. What if behind all the friendly jokes is the truth? Right?

But then I hope it’s all just fun and jokes because honestly, I don’t see him that way. Ever.

Signing of,

cloe_shadowscar xx



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